Murder In Paradise – Murder Mystery Dinner

Suitable For Up To 10 People
Party Length Approx 2-4 Hours
GST Included In Price

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This murder mystery party contains hilarious and interesting characters.  Don’t let Murder Mysteries of old cloud your judgement, give this one a go – you won’t regret it!

Eleven unsuspecting people are invited on a tropical getaway to an undisclosed island in the middle of the south pacific.  The plane crashes and all but one walks away!

The deceased is a beautiful model called Victoria Tottingham, but it appears that she was murdered before the plane crashed making one of the remaining passengers the MURDERER!!

Your guests will have to endure having all their dirty laundry exposed throughout a series of rounds to find out who killed Vicky.

Is there a twist you ask? Well of course there is!

This party contains some funny characters and character traits that are not exactly PC. While there is no R 18 content or swearing, if either you or your friends are particularly sensitive, then this party may not be for you.

Your murder Mystery comes complete with everything you need to set up and run this party with easy to follow instructions.

This fully interactive Party Box for ten comes complete with;

  • Invites
  • Costumes, scripts and props provided ( there is no need to hire a costume at all)
  • And a beautiful tropical themed table setting for 10 participants

This is not your average Murder Mystery! Murder in Paradise is played in rounds with individual easy to follow scripts. Each Character has their own out there personality as well as a costume. The game is completely interactive and very visual. The characters are hilarious and your guests can take the character development as far as they feel comfortable, which makes for some eye popping, drink choking moments.

You will laugh until your face hurts!

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Or order a bunch of Hawaiian pizzas and keep it simple.

Please note that this murder mystery requires 10 participants, with a mixture of male and female characters which can be played by either sex.

$350.00 for 10 guests at $35.00 per person 

Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery

What's Included

Contents List

host instruction booklet
incriminating evidence envelopes
name cards
led lights x 2
leis x 10
palm leaf place settings x 10
tropical flowers
hats x4
wigs x 6
glasses x 2
lipstick x3
fake money
ladies clutch bagx2
murder wepon
nail files