From a 20 year veteran of the most unique and eye popping parties around!

“You have come up with a party idea that you think will be fun, you have spent hours thinking about theming the room and what you will serve your guests to eat. You have thought about the room lay out and the spotify play list, you think you have covered all bases with the guest list, a few work mates a few close friends, a few acquaintances, not too many singles or too many lads, lads!”……

What about the Awkward silences and the cliques that form when people don’t know each other well enough to socialize?

TIP NUMBER 1 Make sure that you have some mandatory, novel activities planned to break the ice and get people chatting. This is something so easy to do and can honestly be the number one difference between a memorable party and an also ran party!

Idea # 1– Give each guest a colored spot to stick on to their top, with a maximum of 2 or 3 spots only of one colour, totally engineered by you of course as you know these people best. Have your guests go around and meet the others with the same colour dots and find out 3 things about them:

What they do for a job and why ?

What is their most favourite place they have ever been?

What is the single most embarrassing thing that has happened to them?

Send them off armed with a shot and their drink of choice and listen to the instant buzz of voices and laughing!

There has to be more to a Party than Drinking, you might think it was fun if you are not trying really hard to forget some things you said. People don’t tend to remember and talk about the parties they went to which only involved drinking and standing around, they tend to blur in to each other.

TIP NUMBER 2 Come up with a couple of fun and hopefully unique games, challenges or activities that will take up an hour or so and get your guests moving and interacting, offer up some small prizes for the winners.

Idea #2

ADULT PASS THE PARCEL – Yup you heard me, this is hilarious and totally interactive. get something awesome to wrap up like a rebel sport voucher or a prezzy card put it in a box, wrap it and you have yourself a prize worth cheating for. You will be surprised with the laughs and competition not to mention the eye contact that this game encourages.

SHORT QUIZ- Put your guests in to a few well thought out teams, keep the usual cliques apart. Down load a few pub quizzes or themed quizzes if you have a theme- Music is a great one because you can get your guests to sing along for example TV shows of the 80s, 90s. Word clouds are free to generate and print, they are super fun to solve. Keep a running tally of your rounds on a window with some glass chalk and watch the teams get competitive , banter will fly.

BED PAN RACES – This is funny! Grab a few plastic Potties from k mart or The Warehouse , some apple juice and some chocolate rice pudding, and a few plastic tablecloths from K Mart to protect your carpet.

Fill each of the Potties with apple juice and a large dollop of chocolate rice pudding, get your guests in their teams to stand in a line on your carpet protectors. On your GO they need to pass the Potties over head and through legs from the front to the back without losing the poohs and wees, first team finished wins a box of chocolates to share or a bottle of bubbles.

Parties without a Hostess with the Mostess are big failures full stop!!

All parties need someone to steer the boat until the golden hour when you can hang up your hostess Tiara and immerse yourself in the fun.

Idea # 3- Stay in tune with your guests and keep circling around to make sure everyone has a drink or something in their hands if they are nervous and are talking to someone. Take nibbles around if you want to be less obvious.

The best parties are the ones where everyone is seamlessly dancing and singing without stopping to change the music or search up a song every time one ends. dancing and singing at the top of your voices is extremely memorable.

Idea #4 – a well thought out play list set to shuffle will be very memorable. Think of the music that the majority of your guests will be in to. you might like reggae or trance but there is a time of night for that, try songs of the era that most of you were formative and maybe count up years. Some sing along songs then some dance songs then some requests, try to keep the spotify playlist to yourself for a while so it stays consistent. Don’t be boring!

Well fed guests are happy guests and long staying guests! Nothing sends people home faster than too many shots and not enough food. when people are having a great time they drink too much, they go hand in hand, but if you time the appearance of hot and cold nibbles just as people are fading, around the 10:30 – midnight mark which should be at least 5 hours after they last ate, you will see a resurgence like no other, the music get louder, the singing get horrendously loud and off key and you can wring a good few hours out of the majority of your guests guaranteed! Parties thrown at home and planned well are not like heading in to town to party starting at 11pm and going until 5am, hosted parties are perfect for mingling and creating memories.

Idea # 5 – pre make a bunch of egg and ham club sammies, cook up some sausage rolls, throw in a few mini pies and some pizzas, nobody wants gourmet at this time of night Everyone will be so ravenous and grateful. Although I have put this at number 5, it is only because it’s a later on in the night thing, it is absolutely the only legal means of injecting life in to your party at the waning hour, believe me it is very important and very inexpensive.